Unity Health Network Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

Unity Health Network Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics consists of a broad scope of providers and medical services. Our primary care network provides only the best health care services in Northeast Ohio. With offices in eight cities and 10 different locations throughout the community, our providers are here to serve you and your family.

The medical professionals in our practice provide continual care services through all primary hospitals in Summit, Portage and Cuyahoga counties including Akron City, Akron General, St. Thomas, Western Reserve Hospital, Robinson Memorial Hospital, Marymount Hospital and South Pointe Hospital. Our medical professionals also cover many area nursing facilities.


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Victoria Alexander, DO

Sherri Barr, MD

Vera Bicak-Odak, DO

Troy W. Bishop, MD

Janice Camino, MD

Kelley Cerroni, MD

Matthew Chase, MD

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Cynthia DiLauro, MD 

 Rosanne DiLauro, MD

David Fantelli, MD

Lori Gemma, DO

Paul Gibbons, MD

James Johnston, DO

Douglas Kast, DO

Rkent Klatt Cleister Nlucardie Larocca Amedina Lmeyer

Robert Kent, DO, FACOI

Walter Klatt, MD

Carrie Leister, PA-C

Nathan Lucardie, MD

Julia LaRocca, CNP 

Alicia Medina, MSN, CNP 

Laura Meyer, DO

Kmineo Mjmivsek Mmusa Mmyers Honiell Bpollock Srigby

Kevin Mineo, MD

Matthew J. Mivsek, DO

Muhamad Musa, MD

Melissa R. Myers, CNP

Hugh O’Neill, MD

Brian Pollock, DO

Scott Rigby, MD

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 John P. Robinson, DO, FACP

Ronald Russ, DO

William Schukay, DO

Clayton Seiple, DO

Wayne Sevier, DO

Michael Shanafelt, DO

Robert Spittler, MD

Rtaliwal Jtosino Duhall Jwagner

Ruchi Taliwal, MD

Jon Tosino, MD

David Uhall, MD

John Wagner, DO