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Our mission is to improve the health and quality of life for patients living with neurological disorders. We accomplish this by providing compassionate care and quality service in the comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of neurological conditions, utilizing the latest in innovative technology and the most advanced medical therapies.

We offer a comprehensive Neuroscience Center in West Akron, with regional offices in the surrounding communities for added convenience. Our practice has been providing inpatient and outpatient neurologic care throughout Northeast Ohio since 1972.

Our Providers

Roswell Dorsett Hugh Miller Eugenio Peluso  
Rosewell B. Dorsett III, DO
Hugh J. Miller, MD Eugenio A. Peluso, PhD
Jose Rafecas Lawrence Saltis Samson  
Jose C. Rafecas, MD Lawrence M. Saltis, MD Laura Pennell Samson, PhysD  



Our Location

West Akron–Main Office
701 White Pond Drive, Suite 300 
Akron, OH 44320 
P: (330) 572-1011 
F: (330) 572-1018