In 2002 Dr. Robert Kent recognized a troubling trend in healthcare: continually declining physician reimbursement paired with continually increasing costs to practice medicine. Understanding this was not a promising scenario for the long-term success of quality healthcare delivery, Dr. Kent, then a solo practitioner, initiated discussions with other Northeast Ohio physicians about working together to create greater efficiencies. From those discussions, a predominantly physician-owned management services organization – Premiere Medical Resources – was developed in tandem with Dr. Kent’s individual physician practice becoming an independent physician group. Led by Dr. Kent, this first collaborative step allowed the physicians to collectively resolve problems. From billing efficiencies, credentialing processes and economies of scale in purchasing; to efficiencies in malpractice, sharing of staff and information technology infrastructure, what would one day become Unity Health Network, gave the physicians a way to focus on quality of care while ensuring the profitability of their practices. As the benefits of the alliance became increasingly apparent, the synergy among the physicians led to more activity. Many began collaborating on diagnostic testing centers and other ancillary services in-house to increase the quality and accessibility for their patients, while maintaining, and even increasing, profitability. Primary care physicians, specialists and other providers joining the group also maintained their independence, an important aspect that has allowed for the company’s continued longevity and success. What began with just three doctors and their staff, and now employs more than 400 healthcare industry professionals and staffs, has now become the largest independent physician group in Northeast Ohio.