Important questions to answer prior to beginning your search:

  • Geographic Areas you would consider. Be specific about the regions or cities most desireable to you.
  • What benefits are a necessity and what benefits are desired?
  • What type of employment? (Locums, Full-Time, Hospital, Independent, Multi-specialty group etc.)
  • What type of work/call schedule?
  • Any Deal Breakers?

Now that you’ve started the final phase of your training to become a Physician, it is time to begin your job search. Did you know many physicians put off job searching until just a few months before their training is complete, and more than 50% will leave their first job after 5 years. Job searching can be time consuming and a bit overwhelming if you haven’t been taking steps towards employment throughout your training. No worries, this summary guide should help you get on track to finding the right fit for you!


If you’re completing your residency or fellowship in the area in which you want to live and work, the colleagues and administrators involved with your program will be an excellent resource and connection to potential employers. These trusted professionals are interested in providing unbiased experiences and can help you explore all opportunities thoroughly. Consider attending Resident networking events hosted by area employers, the opportunity to hear directly from the Physicians who work there is invaluable.

Career Fairs

Career fairs (in person and virtual) are a convenient way to meet many employers with little effort and commitment. They are a wonderful tool for learning about a business’s structure without investing in an interview process. Think of the Career Fair as an icebreaker that can reveal options you may not have considered.

Online Platforms and Job Boards

Online job searching is by far the most convenient way to give potential employers access to your information. Each site operates a little differently but all offer features that allow you to highlight the aspects of employment that are most important to you. They can also help you explore regions that you would consider relocating to. A recent article from ranks the top 5 job boards as:

  1. JAMA Career Center
  2. Career Vitals
  3. Health eCareers
  5. Health Jobs Nationwide

There are also platforms that act similar to social media with job board functions. Physicians create a free private profile and search for opportunities and employers who subscribe to the platform post opportunities and conduct searches that match with physician preferences. The key to using these sites is to complete the information thoroughly. For example, if you must have a PSLF qualified employer, or require a visa sponsorship, make sure you make that clear to avoid confusion and frustration. Two popular platforms are:

  1. Practice Match (preferred by Unity Health Network)
  2. Practice Link 

Job Search Timeline

Beginning of Residency to 4 Months

Prepare/Update your CV and research the job boards and platforms and create a profile for each one you choose to use.

4 – 12 Months

Begin to get familiar with potential employers in the regions you desire to live and work by perusing job opportunities posted on job boards or attending career fairs.

12 – 24 Months

Actively present yourself to the organizations you are interested in working with. Many have in-house recruiters who can help guide you through the process. When you find the right fit, early signing can be beneficial for you and the organization you’ve chosen.

24 -36 Months

Formally apply for opportunities if you haven’t yet, schedule interviews and site visits either in person or virtually. Give yourself time to review contracts with family and professionals such as your lawyer or CPA. Employers will need time (sometimes more than 90 days) to complete credentialing. Keep this in mind when planning for your start date.

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